A Modern Day Affirmation

Eleanor R.


· You a paper chaser

· You got the block on fire

· (You) remaining a G until the moment you expire

· You know what it is

· You make nothin’ outta somethin’

· You handle your biz and don’t be cryin’ and sufferin’

I’ve been seeing this a lot on posts and memes all over social media. And you know what, Juvenile was on to something. If you aren’t familiar with the song “Ha” by Juvenile then get familiar. It’s a whole bop. Juve expresses how important it is to survive by any means necessary. He speaks of the harsh reality that many people live. Now, take the chorus of the song and break it down. It’s really a motivational piece once you think about it. You’re a go-getter, the hottest thing in town. You can handle any situation no matter how stressful. You get shit done without complaining and thinking negatively. A modern day affirmation.

Sometimes we need a a push to get us through the day. Affirmations are a great way to start each morning. It’s a form of self-care if you really think about it. You’re feeding yourself positive thoughts to jumpstart your day. It could be a song, your favorite quote, a mantra that you repeat over and over again. Whatever it is that gets you going and ready to start your day, say it. Oftentimes we forget to motivate ourselves. We get so busy motivating others that our levels of encouragement dwindle down to 5%. Reciting affirmations daily will help replenish your positivity levels. The simplest phrase can completely change your mindset.

Eleanor R.

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