Taking A Moment 002

Eleanor R.


I’m ready to seize the day. But first, coffee.* A phrase I oftentimes tell myself as I prepare to go into the office. Sometimes I’m convinced that I’m not able to fully operate until the first drop of caffeine has touched my tongue. I’m the queen of telling my co-workers “Give me a minute. I haven’t had my caffeine yet.” We become “slaves” to certain habits without even noticing it. Why is it so easy for us to pick up on “bad” addictive habits over the “good” ones?


Not sure what I mean? Well, let me break it down for you. POP QUIZ! (I hope you read that in your best Tamia voice.) Are you more likely to a) roll over and check your phone once you wake up or b) wake up and meditate before starting your day? What about this one, do you a) make that morning trip to your local coffee shop everyday for a venti Caffè Latte with an extra double shot of espresso or b) have a cup of warm water and lemon? See where I’m going with this? It may seem like such a small thing but we are creatures of habit. We may not even realize how making slight changes to our routine can help better ourselves. Ditch that Starbucks and save that $5 a day. That lil bit of “change” adds up. Start your mornings without reaching for your phone first. I know, I know. Gotta check and see what we missed while we were asleep. What news broke. What’s going on over on The Shaderoom.

I’m challenging you all to swap out one “bad” habit for another that will help to better yourself. No worries, I’m challenging my damn self too. We can do it. I have faith in us. I have an addiction to sweet tea and Chick-Fil-A lemonade aka Jesus Pee. I’ll be cutting that out and increasing my water intake. Those early morning phone checks, I’ll put off until I at least get out of the bed and brush my teeth. Scrolling through my timeline with the yuck mouth. Eww! What habits will you try to give up?

* Well, a chai latte with almond milk but you catch my drift.

Eleanor R.

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