Thirty Minutes…DASSIT!

Eleanor R.


Self-care is not optional. That just spoke to you didn’t it?

If you listen to my podcast, I Need A Moment, then you know that I preach self-care often. Making sure that you are taking time out for yourself. I also try my best to practice what I preach and focus on my own self-care. 

I fall short at times. Pushing myself to the side and focusing on work and my family. Putting others needs before my own. That isn’t a good practice though. Like I stated above, self-care isn’t optional. It’s time that we all focus a little more on self. If we aren’t taking care of self, we will eventually end up running on fumes and when you’re running on fumes you are no good to yourself or to anybody else. 


We tend to have this mindset that we have to get so much done. No, you NEED to get some rest, recharge yourself, unplug from social media if need be. You know that little do not disturb feature on your phone? Use it. DND works wonders man. I use it often when I need a little peace. Not seeing texts, notifications, calls come through on my phone helps me to rest. I’m the type of person that will immediately reply to a notification once it pops up. DND stops that. Everything isn’t an urgent matter. Some things can wait. And as a part of self-care we must realize that. 

All you need is at least 30 minutes a day for yourself. If you can give yourself nothing more, do that. 30 minutes is such a small part of your day. Think about it, there’s 1440 minutes in a day. I’m just asking of you to spend 30 of them doing something for yourself. Read a book. Catch up on a Netflix show. Listen to a podcast. Take a nap. Whatever you like to do for yourself, do it. If you’re feeling a little extra, extend that thirty minutes.  My self-care is usually in the form of meditating. 

I found the Balance app a few months ago and it has done wonders for me. Each meditation guide takes about five to ten minutes to do. And if you’re a newbie to meditating (like myself) then this is perfect for you as the instructors legit guide you step by step through your meditation. 

What have you done for yourself lately? How will you self-care? 

Eleanor R.

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