How to: Clone Yourself

Eleanor R.


Have you always wanted to make a dope photo of yourself, in multiples, but had no idea how to? Here’s an easy way to achieve the look…without Photoshop.

What You’ll Need:

  •  Snapseed App (free on iOS & Google play)

  •  Phone / Camera

  • Tripod

  • Self-timer remote


  • Space yourself out. It’ll be easier once you start editing.

  • Take pics all at once so the lighting remains the same.

  • Do. Not. Move. The. Tripod.

  • Feel free to spice it up with a wardrobe change.

How to:

  • Open Snapseed

  • Pick your first photo

  • Go to tools and select double exposure

  • Select add photo and pick your next photo

  • Turn the opacity all the way up

  • Hit check

  • Hit the tool that looks like layered squares with an arrow and select view edits

  • Click double exposure

  • Select the middle icon that looks like a paint brush in a box

  • Then brush over where “you” were

    • You might need to zoom in while brushing

  • Repeat the steps until you have all of you on one photo

  • Export the final photo as a copy or export

  • Now, you can do any final edits you’d like

    • Add a filter / preset etc)

Eleanor R.

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