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Have you always wanted to make a dope photo of yourself, in multiples, but had no idea how to? Here’s an easy way to achieve the look…without Photoshop. What You’ll Need:  Snapseed App (free on iOS & Google play)  Phone / Camera Tripod Self-timer remote Tips: Space yourself out. It’ll be easier once you start […]

How to: Clone Yourself

Self-care is not optional. That just spoke to you didn’t it? If you listen to my podcast, I Need A Moment, then you know that I preach self-care often. Making sure that you are taking time out for yourself. I also try my best to practice what I preach and focus on my own self-care.  […]

Thirty Minutes…DASSIT!

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Black Business Guide Directory

The trial period of 2020 is near. I know everyone has 20/20 vision this year but just how clear is your vision? For the past few years I’ve witnessed people making vision boards at the beginning of the year. I always looked and thought “oh that’s cute” but never paid it much attention. A few […]

Write the Vision, Make it Plain…

We hear it all the time, “be mindful when it comes to your words”, but do we realize just how powerful our words are? I’m sure this has happened to you before; you bought a new car and now that’s all you see. It’s like everyone went out and bought the same car as you. […]

Algorithm of Life

So, let’s talk real quick. I know the new year just started. A lot of people are hopping on the fitness train. That’s cool and all BUT are you taking care of your body after those workouts/runs? I just started back running on January 29th; my first run since June 2018. Shout out to my […]

Self-Care After A Run

If you’re anything like me then time and/or your bank account don’t allow for you to take regular trips to the spa. No worries, I’m here to let you know how you can upgrade your shower experience right at home. Stressed? Congested? Headaches? Eucalyptus can help with all of that and then some. I’m sure […]

Let Me Upgrade You: Shower Edition

I’m ready to seize the day. But first, coffee.* A phrase I oftentimes tell myself as I prepare to go into the office. Sometimes I’m convinced that I’m not able to fully operate until the first drop of caffeine has touched my tongue. I’m the queen of telling my co-workers “Give me a minute. I […]

Taking A Moment 002

As I sit in my car mentally preparing myself for this work week, I start to drift off into deep thought. Sometimes we forget to take a moment to pause. We get so wrapped up in the ins and outs of our usual day to day. Wake up. Rush to get ready for the day. […]

Taking A Moment 001

2019 is vastly approaching and one thing that I like to do before the new year is picking out one word as my mantra for the year. For 2018 my word was abundance. 2019 will be the year of consistency. I thought about it for a few weeks and the one word that stuck out […]

We Gon’ See